Module 1: Digital Etiquette


Part of having presentable digital etiquette is to draw a borderline between what is being posted privately and what is being posted publicly. For instance, you don’t want to post pictures of you having too much fun at a bar on Facebook, where your future employers can see…
Private/Public Information: Professional Etiquette
It is common for employers to do a quick online profile search of you these days, so by presenting yourself in a good manner will reduce the risk of problems. As users, we have the power to control our privacy settings, and it is so important to set those boundaries, because you don’t want the risk of potentially losing a job.
Private/ Public Information: Family and Friends
Even for family and friends, you may want to set the boundaries of public and private information that is being shared digitally. For example, if there are kids on your Facebook friend list, you don’t want to be cussing online…
Taking advantage of private messaging can again, reduce the risk of problems.
Cyber Bullying
Be careful of what you post and what you say online, as it can spread in an instant. This includes the rise of cyber bullying–digital etiquette is obviously not acknowledged at all, and this hurts both the bully and the victim.

These are just a few factors of how digital etiquette affects every online user. Nowadays, it seems that everyone has an online identity. Keep digital etiquette in mind when posting things online.


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