Module 4: Lightbeam


This is what my Lightbeam graph looked like after I did some browsing.
Relating to lecture 4, the topic of privacy relates to my findings. It almost seems like this is an invasion of privacy, as Lightbeam knows what websites I have been browsing, such as WordPress and Facebook.
Security is also a topic that relates to my findings. The following areas are presented in Lightbeam:
Visited Sites
Third Party Sites
Watched Sites
Blocked Sites
Lightbeam also allows you to filter out the sites, from a daily tracking to a weekly tracking.
It seems that Lightbeam is a lot like a “stalker” in my opinion. Not only did it track down the sites I was searching, narrowing down my search using the toggle tools.
However, Lightbeam is an excellent tool for me if I want to check out my search history and what led to which websites I went on…(there are arrows that lead from one site to another).
Lightbeam is also reminding me to protect myself online, because I can check what I have been searching. Part of what we learned in class is to use Chrome and Firefox for online protection. Lightbeam is connected to Firefox, and therefore, it is generally a safe tool to use. I have used Safari in the past, and I was not able to download Lightbeam properly. This is telling me that Safari may not be a safe browser to use, comparing it to Firefox.
The toggle tools are also up to the user to use it. I can click on whether or not I want Lightbeam to track cookies, blocked sites etc.
I have mixed opinions with using Lightbeam. Although it may be a bit “nosey” with what I am searching, it is also a great search history tool. I may not be able to search the things I wanted to search, but that means I know how to protect myself properly using Lightbeam.


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