Module 5: Tweetdeck

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.36.54 PM

Current Information
Tweetdeck is an app and a  search engine that is blended with Twitter. Tweetdeck provides up to date information on the latest trends, Twitter accounts and more.
I searched up box cloud storage and #cloudstorage, and a lot of current information popped up. As you can through my screen shot, the most recent tweets are 50 minutes and 33 minutes. There is about an hour time break between tweets. Box cloud storage is based on Module 3.
What I found interesting in my research is that Toronto Concerts did not have as much up to date info as I expected to–I thought it would have more than box cloud storage. Instead, it had about 10 hours difference. #torontomusic, however, has about an hour per tweet.

Search Engines
Tweetdeck is also a search engine to find the latest trends and up to date news. Just by clicking on the little magnifying glass, you can search endlessly, and different accounts will pop up, as well as hashtags. Tweetdeck also saves your search history, because when I tried to search something difference, the information has been saved.
So searched up the box cloud storage, and references to the actual business came up.
Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.36.54 PM
So along with the actual company, other tweets came up that had the words box, cloud and storage in it.
The hashtag I chose was #cloudstorage, and I did not intend to find information about the company Box. However, other relevant information popped up.
With my other searches, such as Toronto Concerts and #torontomusic, relevant information came up. Furthermore, there seems to be hashtags that popped up within Toronto Concerts and #torontomusic, probably due to the popularity.


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